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I've always been making things, my mum was the person who encouraged this.  We would look at things to buy in craft shops, and the reply would always be the same 'we could make that'.  Whether we actually did was a different matter!  There's something so totally satisfying about creating something from scratch, and pottery is the ultimate experience of this - making something essentially out of earth!  


I took up pottery again as a hobby in the 1990's in London after completing my Photography Arts degree.  I had worked in welfare advice, and then trained to be a Counsellor & Psychotherapist, which I enjoyed for 20 years. 


After moving to Liverpool I attended studios run by John Parker and John Ayling, and later Richie Robinson, I'm indebted to them for their tuition, support and encouragement.  In order to develop my craft I approached international master potter Mike Dodd, and raku potter John Scott in the North East to work with them. This experience has been invaluable to me in terms of technique, but also in acquiring a philosophy and approach towards my work.  At the end of 2022 I moved to Moffat, Scotland.

My Work

I now work full time from my own studio in Moffat, Scotland.  I enjoy making both functional and decorative wheel thrown stoneware pieces, the sort that you can look at with pleasure, but also are nice to use.  ​Separate from this work I am currently working on a piece of work around childhood auto-biographical memories.


My inspiration and influences are varied; British Studio Pottery tradition and using the Mishima technique, to a love of the home and my mum bringing home her pots from night class. I've being experimenting with textural surfaces and glazes.  I'm aiming towards a more relaxed process in my making, away from perfectionism towards embracing the beauty of the perfectly imperfect!


To visit my online shop please click here shop (external site Etsy)

Please enjoy my web site, thank you for your interest in my work and if you'd like to know more please do contact me.


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