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Commissions Form

Important Information


All pieces are handmade and fired to 1260 degrees C. Variations will occur in the firing, this is a natural part of handmade pottery, as opposed to commercially made pottery.


I really enjoy making commission pieces, but I'm not able to take on all requests and this can sometimes be just down to my current work load.



Once I have a clear picture of what you want I'll then let you know the cost, plus an idea of P&P.

Commission work will cost more than items made for my Esty shop and fairs as they are bespoke and more time is taken to get the item specific to what you want.


I would ask for a 30% deposit before I begin the work.


How long will is take?


Generally speaking a pottery cycle from beginins the making to the end, the firing and sanding is 4-6 week. However it really depends on what you're looking for, and when in the cycle you contact.

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